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Start of International Online Tandem between STOUH and the Catholic University of Milan

The project involves an intensive language exchange between Italian and Russian students, who will have to watch two films: one in Russian and the other in Italian.

In small groups, the Italian and Russian students will help each other to understand the language and realities of the film, and at the end of the project, they will have to translate a 5-minute fragment of the foreign film into their native language. This initiative meets the needs of students with limited opportunities to practice foreign languages with native speakers. In addition to this necessity, the project also allows them to get to know each other, to overcome prejudices against the culture of the ‘other’ and to enter into dialogue with a native speaker with a different mentality.

21 students (7 Italians and 14 Russians) are taking part in the project, which provides for at least 20 hours of joint contact among students and 20 hours of independent translation work.

The project is supervised by Prof. M. Calusio on the Italian side, and also by Prof. Mariia Desiatova and Tiziana Gualtieri on the Russian side. Alexandra Dykan, a graduate of STOUH, is participating in the project as an assistant from the Catholic University.