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The Legacy of St. Augustine in Patristic and Neopatristic Context

On May 19, 2022, an international academic conference on “The Legacy of St. Augustine in the Patristic and Neopatristic Context” was held at STOUH’s Main Building. The conference was tied to the research project “The 4th– 7th Century Latin Ecclesiastical Tradition of in the Context of Modern Theology”, funded (since 2021) by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The conference was attended by researchers from STOUH, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ss. Cyril and Methodius Institute for Postgraduate Studies, and Moscow State University, and by foreign scholars. Among the foreign participants were Paul Mattei (France, University of Lyon II) gave a talk on “Fulgentius of Ruspe as a Disciple of the Augustinian Theology of Grace” (“Un disciple d'Augustin en théologie de la grâce: Fulgence de Ruspe”), and Allan Fitzgerald (USA, Villanova University, Augustinian Institute), whose study was focused on St. Augustine’s commentary on the Gospel of John (“Augustine’s Homilies on the Gospel of John: its writing and reception”).

The afternoon session of the conference opened with a presentation of the first volume of the complete works of St. Augustine. Natalia Gennadievna Golovnina, editor-in-chief of the first volume, shared her experiences of working on it. The publication of the complete works of St. Augustine is being carried out as part of the project “St. Augustine. Complete Works in Russian and Latin,” which is supported by the Renovabis Foundation.