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STOU Professors Attend Philosophy Conference in Kyrgyzstan

On May 22–23, 2023, an international conference on Philosophy of Religion in the East and in the West was held in Kyrgyzstan, organized by Pontifical University of John Paul II (Cracow) and the Public Cultural and Charitable Foundation Svet liubvi (Kyrgyzstan). The conference was attended by scholars from Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Germany, and various Russian universities and research institutes.

STOU was represented at the conference by the following staff members:

– Prof. Dr. Phil. habil. Konstantin M. Antonov, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (“S. L. Frank’s ‘Subject of Knowledge’: Philosophical/Religious and Philosophical/Theological Topics”);

– Associate Professor Nataliia A. Vaganova (“‘What kind of East do you want to be...?’: East, West and Russia in Vladimir Soloviov’s Philosophy of Religion”, opening talk), from the same Department;

– Associate Professor Elena Y. Knorre (“The Motif of a Miraculous Plant that Connects Worlds: Mysticism of East and West in Mikhail Prishvin’s Soloviov Myth – ‘The Kirghiz Diary,’ ‘The Chalice of the World,’ ‘Color and Cross,’ ‘Ginseng’, and ‘Phacelia’”), from the same Department;

Nikolai N. Pavliuchenkov, Senior Research Fellow of the Center for the History of Theology (“The Philosophy of Religion in the Heritage of Vladimir Soloviov and St. Pavel Florenskii”);

Tatiana N. Rezvykh, Assistant Professor at the Department for New Technologies in Humanities Education (“The Problem of Religious Experience: Philosophy and Psychology of the Late 19th–Early 20th Century”).

Some talks and abstracts were prepared as part of the academic projects on “The Religious Subject of the Age of Modernity and its Reflexive Practices in Late 19th/Early 20th Century Russian Culture” and “S. L. Frank Between the Ontology of Oneness and the Understanding of Human Being and Society”, carried out by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies with support from the Living Tradition Foundation for the Development of Science, Education and the Family.