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History major students celebrated Maslenitsa

On February 22, 2023, students of the History major of the Faculty of History and Philology of the PSTGU traditionally celebrated Maslenitsa.

The event was opened by 4th year students who prepared a small play, the screenwriter of which was Mark Petukhov, using various theatrical jokes and the story of Anton P. Chekhov "Zadacha". The plot itself takes place in the 1920s, and the audience's attention is focused on the story of an outstanding theater company. The magnificent performance of the actors could not leave a viewer unconcerned.

First-year students have prepared a stage performance in which a professor-historian writes a dissertation and tells the audience about Maslenitsa. The professor had to overcome various distractions associated with the celebration going on around. The remarkable performance of the first- year students caused great response from the audience, because they are familiar with the difficulties of

writing scientific papers firsthand.

There was also a game during which the guests of the evening were able to check how well they know poetic works of our culture. Excerpts from the works of authors and poets of the Silver Age were offered, and it was necessary to guess which period this or that passage belonged to, that sometimes was not so easy.

Students of different courses and associate professor Yulia I. Belonogova presented a performance that was not quite typical for Maslenitsa. The creative team reminded us of the exam difficulties with the scene "Retake". The performance, full of funny episodes of student life, was met with stormy applause.

A wonderful duet of a 1st year master's student Tikhon Pilipchuk and a student of the Choral College of the PSTGU Alexey Aleinik performed the romance of A. S. Dargomyzhsky "Ya vas lyubil", a Russian folk song arranged by A. K. Glazunov "Ne velyat Mashe", and ended the evening with the song "Uno

momento" from the film "Formula of Love".

We would like to express our great gratitude to a wonderful concert presenter 1st year student Mikhail Singh, 1st year student concert photographer Danila Roshchupkin, and the arranger of the holiday an expert in History major Maria A. Vladimirova!

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