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Restoration Workshop Set Up at Holy Cross Monastery in Jerusalem
In November 2022, at a meeting between Patriarch Theophilos of the Holy City of Jerusalem and Elena Milsky, head of the St Mikhail Foundation, the Patriarch expressed a wish to employ Russian restorers to work on icons from the Patriarchate’s collection.

With the assistance of the Foundation, a delegation of specialists from the Faculty of Church Arts of St Tikhon’s Orthodox University of the Humanities arrived in Jerusalem. On June 20, the restorers met with Patriarch Theophilos and received his blessing for the work ahead.

Equipment and materials were purchased with the funds of the Foundation. In a time span of two months, Russian specialists will carry out an array of works studying and restoring church artworks. Stavros Andreou, the Patriarchate’s Advisor for the Preservation of Antiquities, warmly thanked the leadership of the Foundation for equipping the workshop and expressed his hope for a long-term cooperation.