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STOUH Hosts Meeting with Teacher from Italy

At the beginning, Stefano talked a little about himself, about how he became a teacher and then the director of the school. He talked about how to teach in such a way that children would be interested, and also about the fact that an educator needs to be in love with his subject.

“A good teacher is one who loves and respects his students, who is interested in their lives,” Stefano said. Therefore, lessons with such a teacher are dialogical when the teacher is sincerely interested in what his students think about the material being studies and about the personality of certain scientists or writers. In general, at a lesson, there must be an encounter with some particular experience, which could be the experience of life. And, of course, every lesson must end with a reflection. Not only do the children have to answer the question of what they have learned, but the teacher, summarizing the day’s work, must also try to answer the question of what he or she has learned as a teacher. Of course, teaching young children is the hardest teaching job and a huge cultural challenge.

The result was a very interesting dialogue about meaning and values in education, for which the Department of Pedagogy would like to sincerely thank the head of the International Projects Department, Tiziana Gualtieri.

In conclusion, we would like to quote a letter from Maria Tishkina, a 1st year MA student in Religious Education in Russia and Abroad, addressed to Svetlana Divnogortseva, head of the Department of Pedagogy: “Prof. Divnogortseva, I would like to thank you and the International Relations Office very much for organizing this meeting! There are no words to express how timely and necessary it was. How I would love to bring such riches to public school teaching.”