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Second meeting of PSTGU Spanish Club

On the eve of Maslenitsa, students of the Department of Slavonic Philology of PSTGU and exchange students from Argentina and Guatemala discussed national holidays.

During the meeting, the students told each other about the most important dates that are celebrated in their home countries, as well as the traditions associated with these days. After talking about the national-specific realia, the participants of the meeting compared the customs associated with international holidays, such as Valentine's Day and International Women's Day.

After a lengthy discussion, the Club members participated in a small blitz, telling (of course, using the language they were learning) the facts about the holidays, which they heard from foreign friends.

The next stage of the meeting was the presentation of the students of the PSTGU about Maslenitsa. They told about the history, customs, as well as the modern format of the celebration of Maslenitsa week in Russia, completing their story with another quiz. Exchange students also tasted traditional Russian pancakes.

The meeting ended with a general conversation, during which the Club members asked each other questions about differences in mentality. Of particular interest was the discussion of various forms of greeting and farewell, as well as attitudes to marriage.

The tradition of saying goodbye with a kiss on a cheek, which is common in Spanish-speaking countries, caused a slight cultural shock among Russian students. Spanish-speaking students were surprised to say that Russian people get married extremely early.

More interesting topics to discuss are in our Spanish Club! Join us!