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Completion of Internships at Italo Calvino School in Moscow
The first part of the study placement of 2nd year students of Romance Languages from the Faculty of History and Philology, which took place from January 23 to 30, 2023, at Italo Calvino School in Moscow, has come to an end.

The students of Italian spent a busy week attending classes alongside Italian pupils in history, philosophy, art, Latin, Italian language and literature, mathematics, biology, drawing, and music, greatly increasing their vocabulary in Italian and refreshing their knowledge from school. At the end of their week-long visit to the Italian school, the students prepared a video about the University and their academic activities, which aroused great interest in the audience, and socialized with the students in an informal setting.

The supervisor of the study placement, Maria Desiatova [ru], and the deputy director of the Italian school Giovanni Maspes, agreed to continue the cooperation between the two institutions by organizing other internships for students as well as trips to the University for Italian high school students.

The second part of the placement will be conducted online with the Liceo Luzzago in Brescia, Italy. The online project will introduce participants to the treasures of Russian and Italian culture. STOUH students will prepare several video excursions in Italian to promote Russian cultural heritage in Moscow and ancient cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. Students of the Italian liceo will talk about the ancient Roman and medieval monuments of their native city.